Single Integrated Plan Consultation

 Parent Network Focus Group Responses

The Parent Network has supported parents and carers from across the borough to engage in the development process of the Single Integrated Plan. This has taken the form of informing parents about the development process via the PlaNet Conference Event held in December, by introducing parents to the draft SIP and the online consultation process at the February PlaNet event, and by engaging with one established parent forum group for a more in depth discussion around the content of the plan.


Here are the results from the focus group held in March with comments under each outcome.


Outcome – Prosperous Caerphilly –  “People in the Caerphilly borough all live in decent homes, within vibrant communities, and have access to services and support. All people have good enough skills, knowledge and understanding to access services, and to be able to compete in a growing economy”.


The parents were asked which they felt was the most important priority?


The group felt that priority 1 would be their highest priority.

They found priority 2 difficult to understand, was it about improving housing standards or about improving communities or providing better access to services across the county borough? This raised many questions and debate. They felt it would be difficult to achieve if it wasn’t clearer to understand.


They were then asked what can be done to realize this outcome.


P1: Travel times, distance, cost to travel when you are expected to go to a job that is 90 minutes away from home.

There is concern about being forced into jobs that are not worthwhile for families to take as a result of low wages and cost of travel and child care.


P2: What about people that work, how can we get help?

Private housing low maintenance can’t afford to renovate the house.

Not consistent, how the council decides what they do and how they do it e.g. one half of the street is renovated when they loose the funding or it runs out so the renovation finishes, so not everyone benefits.

What about home owners who can’t afford it because they are in low-paid jobs? They have damp and need new roofs too!

Need better communication.


P3: We are failing college students and not supporting them whilst in education to become job ready.

It seems that Job Seekers are looked down on, by the job centre staff, not equal opportunities some are able to get grants for suits some not.

We need to raise their aspirations to want to get the job also if we provide relevant qualifications to getting jobs.

Free bus passes or parking permits to go to job interviews may help.



Outcome – Safer Caerphilly People are safe and feel safe inside their homes and out in the community.


The parents were asked which they felt was the most important priority?


A priority could not be agreed on by the group as all the prioreties were felt to be very important.


P1: It was felt that this priority was worthwhile

They are a missed generation – lack of jobs lack of want to work.


P2: Community police should help pensioners to feel safe in their own houses.

Image of youth through the media is not helpful Offenders (bad lads) community service encourages people out of the spiral of offending.

More community police in the evenings kids need support to do things not just hang about.


P3: More raids and more community police on the off-road areas. car parks steps where the police usually don’t go

Bring in something like voluntarty work or something that would give work discipline, start this early like guides and scouts or military prep-college where you learn everything about discipline.

Have free transport to take the young people to groups.

Encourage the young people to volunteer for groups in the summer time when it gets worse.

There should be an equivalent to the Military college in every local authority in Wales, this would then involve them in doing community service like gardening for the older members of the community.


Outcome Learning Caerphilly– people of all ages have access to a range of learning opportunities. This is to make sure people have a fair opportunity to participate in education, employment and training.


The overall feeling of the group was that priority 1 and 3 were felt to be very important and priority 2 less important.


P1:Basic Skills are a big issue and need to be an on going support for children while in school and when they leave.

No one should leave school without being able to read and write.

Everything is done using ipads and computers nothing is being written anymore, basic skills like telling the time.

There should be a person in each class supporting basic skills on-going support.


Classes are too big, class assistants are needed to support the teaching staff more teaching staff are needed not assistants.

Work with children in smaller learning groups.

Make playgrounds safer reduce yard bullies


P3: Raise the aspirations of children with special needs supporting them to aspire to achieve.


Internet and computer access, limited access there is an expectation that the homes have it and that they want it.

Support for parents and children to understand the options available to them, like signing up for college or six form, parents should be able to support the child to make the right choice for them but not enough information is given to parents.



Outcome – A Healthier Caerphilly– People live longer and healthier lives


The parents were asked which they felt was the most important priority?

There was a great deal of discussion around the low bithrate babies, and the parents felt that this sould be changed to ensuring all babies were born healthy.


P1: Birthweight is not a significant issue, fat babies means fat children!


P2: Unless you want to be healthier then it wont make a difference you have to change peoples opinions on being fat.

Cheaper healthier food more availability and free busses to supermarkets instead of using takeaways may help.

Food is going up and wages are going down!

You don’t learn to cook in school like you used to bring back the traditional ways of teaching home economics.

Teach more than Beans on toast.

School lunches should be made fresh not bought in pre packed and processed.

Have a volunteer kitchen/communtiy run restaurant to support the community to help themselves.


P3: Doctors we went to walk in to see a doctor but one is never available and the appointment systems are all different and you have to wait a month this needs to be looked at.

There needs to be an A&E dept in the new Hospital and doctors in the new hospital.

If you use private health care you can get seen straight away people shouldn’t need to wait so long.


Outcome – Greener Caerphilly– To Protect and develop a greener and healthier living environment in Caerphilly Borough


P1: Dog mess is a big issue walking down some routes is like going through a mine field!

Rubbish collections and community skips would prevent fly tipping also the community could be used to police the areas to inform when tipping occures.

Walking and cycle routes need to be cleaned regularly particularly when they are used by dogwalkers and horses!

This prevents parents using the routes with toddlers and prams…

More community police and a change in peoples attitues so they feel the connection with their own communities may make a difference.


P2: there should be grants or interest free loans to enable homeowners to fit solar panels, the panels would eventually pay for themselves.

Make grants available for solar panels in older houses as homeowners can’t afford them.

Co-operatives would enable local shopping instead of people travelling.


P3: lights on cycle routes and walkways to enable people to use them.

Can’t be used in winter as too dark.

If communtiy police used these routes it would make people feel safer and more inclined to use them.




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