Families First Parent Forums


Siân Northey Parent Forum Development Officer.

Hello I am Sian Northey and I am the Project Assistant for the Parent Network. As part of my role I meet with parents across the borough to consult on a range of issues and to give information or to signpost to help or support suitable for parents needs.

I organise Cuppa and Chat (coffee morning) groups for parents, carers and children across Caerphilly Borough. The coffee mornings are a great way to meet new people, socialise and make a difference to services whilst being fun and informative. We organise training, fun learning experiences, arts, crafts, and invite speakers from other organisations so members can be fully informed about what is out there. If you would like to try something let us know and either we can organise it, find someone who can run it for us or signpost you to the service.

There are also two special interest groups that meet at the Bargoed YMCA office, they look at Play and Health Inclusion. These groups are flexible and can meet whenever there is a need and the membership of the groups can also changed so if you have an interest in either look out for updates on this page or at your next cuppa and chat group meeting.

During the groups, we discuss the services available to families such as health, education, the local environment and community safety. This makes sure that everyone is kept right up to date with any changes and to discuss any new services that are being developed that may affect you or your family. It’s also an opportunity for you to tell us if something isn’t working for you or if you thought something was really good.

Below are the dates for the current groups so If you are interested in joining us or require any more information please call Siân or Holly on 01443 875444.

I look forward to meeting you…

Group Dates for Coffee Mornings
Venue:  St Peter and St Cenydd Church Hall SenghenyddTime: 9.30-11.30 Cupper and Chat group is held weekly and is run by volunteer parents.
Venue: St Gwladys Church Hall BargoedTime: 1.30-3.00 Weekly Parent and Toddler group running 1.30 – 3pm The Parent Network attends on the first Wednesday of every month.6th March, 1st April, 1st May, 5th June, 3rd July
Venue: Cefn HengoedTime:  Dates and times to be agreed please contact Sian  or Holly for more information
Venue: Fochriw Primary SchoolTime: 1pm till 3pm Held on Wednesdays: (2nd and last Wed of the month) 27th February, 13th March, 10th April, 24th April,8th May, 22nd May, 12th June, 26th June & the 10th July 
Venue: Hengoed Primary School PortakabinTime: 09.15 am to 11.30 am fortnightly on Monday: 25th February, 11th March, 8th April, 22nd April, 20th May, 3rd June, 17th June, 1st July, 15th July
Venue: St. James ICCTime: 09.15 am to 11.30 am Fortnightly on a Wednesday: 20th February, 6th March, 20th March, 17th April, 29th April, 1st May, 15th May, 12th June, 26th June, 10th July
Venue: Graig y RhaccaTime:  To be agreed for more information contact Sian or Holly
Venue: BedwasTime: To be agreed for more information contact Holly

More information will be added as groups agree dates and times.

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