Awards 4 All ‘Me Time’ project

The Parent Network ‘Me Time’ Project


The project will offer, non-accredited workshops for parents and carers covering a range of craft and wellbeing themes. The sessions will be offered to Parents and will be held as part of the parent forum meetings. The network will offer these opportunities in addition to the training and consultation work we already carry out with the groups.


There will be 12 workshop taster sessions 1 per month, 6 will be delivered by sessional workshop facilitators and 6 continued by the group members themselves, sharing their learning from the previous session (the tasters will not be complex).


Equipment, books and resources will be purchased to enable the groups to continue with their learning.


Management of the project will involve development of the service, contact, recruitment and support of sessional tutors. There will also be a monitoring and evaluation element, which will be developed into an end of project report. This report will outline the achievements of the project, plot distance travelled by participants and include recommendations for future community based learning projects in this area.


The publicity and marketing budget will fund the development of posters, fliers, and leaflets and they will also be produced in a range of languages (including the Welsh language) and styles as requested in order to engage all possible participants.


A tab dedicated to this project will be added to the web site (here it is!!!) to further aid marketing the workshops. In return for parents engaging with the project, we will provide a safe, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for people to get involved and meet new friends – as well as discover new skills.


The need for this style of learning and participation has been identified through consultation with the Parent Network forum members.


Participation in crafts and creative activities can improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing resulting in: ‘happy parents nurturing happy kids’ Mark Mantel musician and father of  2.  Early positive experiences have the most impact on children’s development and well-being.


The project aims to encourage individuals to take part in workshops that they may not have had an opportunity to try previously. It will raise confidence and self esteem, and contribute to them modeling a more creative and divergent thought process when at home with their children. It is anticipated though participation in a safe and relaxed environment that it will encourage participants to further pursue courses and training out side this project.


It has also been identified that new trainers and facilitators do not get the opportunity to try out their courses prior to being able to charge or become employed to deliver them,  this project will encourage volunteer facilitators to gain valuable delivery experience and increase their employability.


Our approach will support participants by offering local taster sessions, at a time and venue to suit the participant. There will not be the pressure of an accredited course but the support for them to move on to accreditation as their confidence grows. The parent network is able to offer free transport and crèche facilities to support the participant’s attendance.




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